Boys, Beyonce, and Banter

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This video was submitted anonymously by a Pittsburgh queer. Shout out to the Pittsburghers who have been fighting this battle for years.

This video shows Sharon Needles/Aaron Coady dressed in her attempt to mimic a geisha saying that she’s dressed up “somewhat like their people” and that she intends to make fun of a Chinese delivery driver. Luckily, the driver is white, which Sharon notes by saying, “Chinese people are late. Good thing you’re white.”

But yea, Aaron’s totally an ally and transgressive and blah blah vomit.


no, Sharon Needles. absolutely not.

Drag is great and all but so many (white) queens pull racist shit like this all the time. There’s a queen at Crews and Tangos named Daytona Bitch who once came onstage wearing a burqa, and when she spun around you could see she had fake dynamite taped under it.


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Friends jerking-off on cam